Houston goes 2-0

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 61, 2023

HOUSTON - For the first time all season, the Lightning have a 3 game win streak and move to 13-15 on the year.

Houston 99; Los Angeles 93:
The Lightning hosted the Fireballs and the red hot LaCruz and slow their offense and hold them to 93 points and a 6 point victory. LaCruz still finished with a game high 33 points, but finished with a -11 in the plus minus column, which paled in comparison to the -24 by Reggie Coleman who was just abused by Pace LaGarde all game. LaGarde also finished with 33 points and chipped in 3 boards, 5 assists, and 6 steals. Hall added 17 and Hood added 18 in the victory. No other Lightning registed double digits, though Harrison added 9 points and 13 boards off the bench.

Barons 110; Lightning 130:
Oklahoma hosted Houston in teams that are fighting for respectability in the league and Houston came away with a convincing victory. Both teams had 6 players in double digits scoring, with the Barons Gibbons chipping in 20 from the bench, but it was Stephan Hall who led the way for the Lightning with 30 points and 13 assists. The team shot a combined 53% as Hall added 23 and Harrison added 16 and 10 off the bench. Collinson was able to go +15 in just 7 minutes of game play, to show the effectiveness of the Lightning when it is pumping on all cylinders. The Lightning only had 7 turnovers for the game, which is rather impressive for 101 shots taken