Boston GM Talks Up Future Prospects.

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 53, 2023

BOSTON - Boston Beat Journalists are used to picking up the phone and hearing from a rambling Crusaders GM when he calls after dark. He’s not usually as upbeat though as he was when he called through this evening - somewhat upbeat for someone who had only a few days ago been calling for Coach Jackson’s head - note this is something that GM Jones strenuously denies ever saying.

Jones is upbeat about the Crusaders form this season and suggests there are strong signs for the future. Whilst their winning percentage is similar to last season with their current record at 7-17, many other games have only had a few points in them. If only for a couple of baskets dropping the right way it could have been a much better season.
Jones also pointed to the strong foundation for his Squad.

“Harrell, Porter and West,” he said, “they’ll all be Championship players. Harrell’s taken the next step in his career with mentoring from Parker and West will likely be this season’s MVP - well he’ll at least be All Star.” He was also effusive in his praise for how Illic has fit in with the Squad.

Coach Jackson has been spending a lot of time watching College Games looking to fill the gaps in the Crusaders Squad and is looking forward to future success.