Galloway showing franchise potential

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 53, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS - Celebrating a 10-17 record isn't a normal occurrence unless you are a NFL Browns fan or a rebuilding franchise looking for hope like the Minneapolis Blizzards. With only 21 wins last season, Minneapolis look set to better that record well before the end of the season and the general manager Billy has pointed to third year player Donovan Galloway as the reason for that.

Averaging 18 points per game, 10.8 boards 4.7 assists and nearly 2 blocks, Galloway has taken a third year leap and is a big reason for the franchise heading in the right direction. Galloway's PER of 20.3 sits him at 30th overall in the league in players averaging more than 25 minutes per game and has been the biggest player to benefit from the new roster this season.

Despite doing better than last season the team is lamenting a lot of missed opportunities with the Blizzards being 0-7 in games decided by 3 points or less, Often at times giving up comfortable leads only to fall short in the clutch. This season is a learning season for the squad so it's hopeful that playing time and cohesion will develop over the rest of the season and hopefully turn some of those results around.