Okwarabizie Comes to Austin

  • By Zach Podedworny, Day 46, 2023

AUSTIN - After receiving Lorenzo Charles on the same day, many may be confused why the Rockets made this move too. The answer GM ZPod4 gave us, "Uhh, we were looking to open up a roster spot for Charles, but then the Huskies GM offered Derek and we could not pass on him."

The Rockets now have 6 players who can play at the SG position. Is this a sign Rice could be on the move soon?

ZPod4 had this to say, "Rice is the leader and future of this team and we stand by him as we develop back into the Rockets of old. These recent moves just make us better and deeper behind Rice."

The Rockets send rookie PG Demarcus Jones to the Huskies for SG Derek Okwarabizie.