LA Sent SG/SF Charles to Austin

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 45, 2023

LOS ANGELES - After reports suggested that defensive wing Lorenzo Charles has been involved in trade talks and subsequently been removed into the next game's rotation, team sources have confirmed that the SG/SF will be sent to Austin Rockets for the 2024 Tritons 2nd round pick and getting back the Fireballs 2025 2nd round pick as well. The move puts LA to $95.3M as Charles $4M salary will be off their books.

"It was no secret that we were looking to move Zo since the offseason. I think that Austin will be a very good place for him to showcase his talents. We always appreciated his hardwork and contribution to our organization." GM Jron said about the trade.

The move not only clears $4M off their books it also gave them a draft pick for the 2024 class and gets their 2025 2nd round back as well. It also freed up playing time for veteran wing Sidney Cavenell who has been sitting behind Charles all season in the depth chart. Cavenell is a scoring wing and his offense will be an asset for LA's bench. This move means that the team is committing to Kareem Teague long term. Over the past 24 hours the Fireballs have made 2 trades all of which is to improve their salary cap situation.