Nashville Tribune breaking news

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 45, 2023

Released only moments ago the Nashville Tribune has the exclusive from the Nova Stadium.

In what looks early on in the season as the waving of a white flag the Stars move Bryant Rogers along with this years second round draftee Javon Noble to the Jailbirds for 2024 Jailbirds first round pick, and the 2027 Scorpions second round pick, taking out of favour Marcus Enright and Dorian McLeary along to balance the books.

Ageing Rogers who still knows how to put in solid performances has been consistent for the Stars but hasn't made the difference for them would slot into the Jailbirds lineups in place of Enright who is a role player at best.

Looks like GM Phayd is making moves for draft picks to enable the club to rebuild with youth.

What does this mean for Tezale Craig?

Rumours from the locker room are that Phayd has already started touting Craigs talents to playoff contenders. Despite a slow start Craig has started to put up good numbers on the scoreboard - maybe Craig is trying to put forward his own sales pitch - and has pushed into the top 10 scorers in the league this season. With a statline of 25-8-3 he should be a tempting option for a team pushing into the playoffs.