Jailbirds Move From Enright

  • By Austin Simpson, Day 45, 2023

The Chicago Jailbirds have agreed to send Marcus Enright, Dorian McLeary, along with the their 2024 1st round pick and rights to 2027 Scorpions 2nd round pick for veteran Bryant Rodgers and rookie Javon Noble.

Clearly the Marcus Enright experiment did not work out, who was shooting an abysmal 28.7% from the field. He was also shooting a career high 1.3 attempts from three in 15 games at a whopping 5% success rate - clearly there were some coaching issues that were not caught until too late. Mcleary is a young player who saw an expanded role last year starting 41 games and posting an impressive 3.9 WS. He was fighting for a rotation spot this year and ultimately lost to combo guard Deonte Cameron.

Chicago brings in a solid veteran big man in Rodgers he's expected to be a big upgrade from Enright and once healthy should see a nice rotation role. This should allow the Jailbirds to have more rest days between Marcus Wright and Rasheed Stone. This also may mean Chicago is happy with their backup SG and SF players in Thomas Kane and Deonte Cameron, however don't rule out another trade if it can take this team over the top. Chicago was reportedly interested in Javon Noble and were targeting a late 1st round pick to acquire him. He will likely remain in a backup role with limited minutes, but could see an opportunity in blowouts or vs. inferior teams.

Marcus Enright $7,500,000
Dorian McLeary $1,000,000
2024 Chicago 1st
2027 Las Vegas 2nd


Bryant Rodgers $14,000,000
Javon Noble $1,000,000