Mustangs to Fans: "You 'Member iMac?"

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 45, 2023

DETROIT - The Detroit Mustangs have agreed to trade Reggie Coleman in a straight trade to the LA Fireballs for Isaiah McCarty. The trade drops the Fireballs salary to 99.3M, while providing the Fireballs with a similar player-set in Coleman.

It seems to be a sentimental move for the Mustangs as the team welcomes back a player admired, and drafted by the organization. McCarty was one of the key pieces to the Mustangs 2013 championship. McCarty will be on a much less talented team in the Mustangs over the Fireballs, and his player option is a big question-mark looming in the offseason. The team is hoping his addition will bolster the locker room confidence.

An anonymous source with former ties to the Mustangs organization had indicated that McCarty was the talk of numerous trades in the past few seasons between the Fireballs and Mustangs, but talks typically stalled.

Mustangs head coach, Thorton Wells commented saying "Hell of a talent. The GM, uhhh, what's-his-face-man, came to me prior to the season and asked me what I thought of targeting iMac. I told him I would be delighted to be able to coach him, but he might be coaching me at times! He did break my ankles a few times when we played against each other. Only once or twice."

It has been rumored that the organization has already spoken to iMac about the trade, and has made it clear of their desires for him to remain at the club as a key contributor and mentor until retirement. With the player option this year, though, it is clear the decision will be solely up to Isaiah.

It will be interesting to see if fans welcome back an aged iMac like the organization has, or if the older iMac will tarnish their view of him.