Rookie Rundown: Week Two

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 14, 2020

At the end of week two, most of the 2020 draft class have had the opportunity to play in at least 5 games now. Here are our top 5 performers.

Kahlil Hooker (Mexico City Jaguars)

1. No 5 pick Kahlil Hooker continues to impress for the Mexico Jaguars. Having now started 3 of his 7 games in the big man spot he is averaging the most amount of minutes out of our rookes at 31% - and why not? He is proving to Bucky Robinson that his position is justified his scoring has increased to 15.6 points per game and is pulling down over 8 boards. His shooting efficiency has dropped to just over 50% from the field but that is still very respectable for a youth and as predicted the team in Mexico have clearly been working on his charity stripe game as he is now over 60% well up from his 40% from the first 3 games. This young man is showing no signs of stopping and his confidence is growing. Could he be the next Nyambi? Only time will tell but he is certainly on his way.

Richmond Benson (Cincinnati Kings)

2. Benson continues to impress with 20 minutes per game from the bench. The Kings rookie bigman has increased the number of boards he is pulling down to 8 with 3 of those coming off the offensive glass. Despite dropping his scoring down to just under 12 he is still way over 50% from the field. I for one am looking forward to the Warriors vs Jaguars game to see if Benson can topple Hooker in the battle of the rookie towers.

Alonzo Weaver (Philadelphia Warriors)

3. The Warriors must have heard the talk from the other GMs as they have set Alonzo Weaver loose (This may have something to do with Reggie Coleman being sidelined with an injured foot). He has now started 5 of the 9 games he has played in. His usage has rocketed to 28 minutes per game as he starts to show why he was the no 1 draft pick. 2nd in points to Hooker with 12.8 ppg which is an increase but only alongside his minutes as he is still below 40% from the field and below 30% from behind the arc. Can Kenny Jackson get that accuracy up so that Weaver can dominate and really show why he was the no.1 draft pick?

Xavier Turner (Cincinnati Kings)

4. Jumping up to number 4 is last weeks number 5 Xavier Turner the no 11 pick by the Kings. Still getting the least amount of minutes from our top 5 but on solid performances that is now sitting at just shy of 17 per game. He is 5th of our rookies in scoring and continues to perform at 46% from the field. What could he do with the same kind of minutes as Weaver or Houston?

Aaron Rowland (Seattle Thunder)

5. Knocking out no 2 draft pick Vionte Houston from the top 5 is Aaron Rowland. The small forward drafted 6th by the Thunder is really showing his worth from the bench. Getting 17 minutes per game and putting up an impressive 9 points and nearly 7 boards with over 45% from both the field and behind the arc. Consistency is what is making this young man earn his minutes. With Devan Carroll and RayMac as an example Rowland has some of the best education that a rookie can get and as a 3rd string SF for the Thunder he is showing why he warrants those 17 minutes per game. You can’t coach desire to play and this kid has it in spades.