12 down, 70 to go

  • By Kris Burley, Day 25, 2023

Warriors Season snapshot:

Current team record: 10-2
5-1 Home
5-1 Away
10-1 Conference
1-0 against the West


1st in Net Rating
2nd in Defensive Rating
4th in Three Point Rate
4th in Effective Field Goal Percentage

Ivan 'Milat' Obradovic is the Warriors renaissance man, having a career season at the age of 31. 1st in BPM, 2nd in VORP, 2nd in DRTG. Obra is a big reason why we have maintained our defensive prowess so far in 2023. Remarkable performance for a player not rated in the top 50.

Shooting rate and efficiency: Team 3PT rate has improved over last season from .282 to .363 with a slight improvement in 3P%. The team as a whole concentrated on this during training camp and the focus looks to be paying off. EFG% has improved, up from 0.510 to 0.538.

Daniel Wideman who was drafted with the 43rd pick in the 2023 draft has is performing well above his draft position. Averaging 7/4/2 and 0.463 from distance over 18MPG.

Questions and Concerns

18th in Assists Per Game
19th in Strength of Schedule (SOS)
20th in Rebounds Per Game
22nd in Turnover Percentage

Both assists and rebounds are down dramatically on last year. With Dawkins beginning to settle in, the rebounding issues should largely correct themselves. Assists however looks to be a problem. Whilst Devante was a liability on the defensive end, his ball distribution skills have been missed so far in 2023.

Weaver has been off to a slow start. His minutes are intentionally down during the early season to allow minutes distribution across the team, but the lack of PG appears to be stifling him, his FGA are down this year. Weaver only scored below 10 pts in one game last season and has already had two sub 10 pt games this season. Not a concern at this stage, but we will continue to work on bringing the best out of Weaver.

Misleading team record and SOS: having played only 1 game against a Western Conference team (at home), the 10-2 record is incredibly misleading. We expect this to normalise as the season progresses


It's still early in the season and we will continue to closely monitor our performance before making any moves, however expect change at the point.