#JBLRank Top 50

  • By The Commissioner, Day 1, 2023

Rather than taking a purely advanced stats approach, the approach for this ranking is: would I prefer to have, right now, the player above or below for this season?

#1 (Last Year: 1) Dontay Sowder (Thunder, SF)
Still the undisputed best player, but is this the year Hawes takes over? Whether he can maintain his current level at the Thunder will dictate next year's position. Needs another ring to ascend into the upper pantheon of hall of famers alongside Butler, Miller, Hunter, Nyambi, Cougar.

#2 (Last Year: 3) Kelvin Hawes (Knights, C/PF)
Dominant MVP performance from the league's best post player, but will Honeycutt's absence elevate his game to another level, or cause his efficiency to drop? With Sowder joining a team full of stars, Hawes could end up #1.

#3 (Last Year: 8) Jason Cheaney (Jailbirds, SG/PG)
Perhaps a surprising rise but opposing teams wouldn't think so. Is actually unstoppable from the outside, has incredible gravity and a scheme changer.

#4 (Last Year: 15) Alonzo Weaver (Warriors, SF)
Poised for a historic leap. It may not be Sowder or Hawes at the #1 next year. Could be a smokey for MVP.

#5 (Last Year: 5) Chris LaCruz (Fireballs, PG)
Has added more outside shooting, defense and rebounding in each of his last few seasons. The prototype for point guards in this league.

#6 (Last Year: 7) Andre Phifer (Thunder, SG/SF)
Two Finals MVP and stellar performances in the playoffs, along with his ever improving defensive abilities, means he is the premier true shooting guard in the league.

#7 (Last Year: 2) Marcus Ivory (Tritons, PF/C)
Took a bit of a step back after Antoine Peeler's explosion, but his ability to play three spots and offensive prowess gives him the edge over almost all of his peers.

#8 (Last Year: 10) Omar Grant (Scorpions, C/PF)
Reigning DPOY. Proved his mettle in the playoffs. Has worked surpremely hard to improve his touch around the basket and court vision.

#9 (Last Year: 4) Tezale Craig (Stars, SF)
His whinging could cost him a spot in the top 10 next year. Has to prove he can carry anyone rather than relying on other players. Make or break year career wise.

#10 (Last Year: 20) Drayton Banks (Vultures, PF)
Best rebounder in the league, Banks had a huge year and committed his future to the Vultures. Face of the franchise right now.

#11 (Last Year: 13) Isaiah Clarkson (Scorpions, C/PF)
Surprising trade to the Scorpions could hurt his overall career trajectory playing next to Omar Grant, but will likely bring him rings. Still a quad double threat and will decimate teams with his passes to Grant and Lamar Francis.

#12 (Last Year: 6) Keydren Carter (Jailbirds, SF)
After years of Carter being "the" man at Chicago, Cheaney took the reigns. With that said, he is still one of the best two way wings in the league and isn't done yet.

#13 (Last Year: 26) Antoine Peeler (Tritons, SG)
Career year in 2022 in all respects and even garnered MVP votes. Could possibly even take the mantle from Ivory as the best player on the Tritons this year.

#14 (Last Year: 22) Ainsley Tucker (Thunder, PF)
Finally has the consistency he needs to take his game to the next level. Becoming a dangerous face to the basket post scorer and is, of course, an All-Defensive stalwart.

#15 (Last Year: 17) Lamar Francis (Scorpions, SG)
The exciting coast-to-coast is becoming a cultured guard, with his handling improving and turnovers are trending downwards. His three point shot and defense will keep him from being truly elite, but he's working on it.

#16 (Last Year: 14) Darius Barry (Huskies, SF)
His game 7 meltdown could go down in history, but this is a kid who is still only 24 with 4 years under his belt. While he needs to work on his defense, he's still getting better and will likely be holding a championship trophy in the next few years.

#17 (Last Year: 21) Aaron Honeycutt (Bullets, SF/SG)
Rewarded for a massive 2022 by being traded, but could see his scoring rise to close to 30 this year while being the man for the Bullets. May not have as easy looks with Hawes, though, which could see his efficiency drop in Baltimore. If he can maintain efficiency, though, he could be a top 10 player.

#18 (Last Year: 11) Taquan Slattery (Devils, PF)
Had a bit of a down year but is still one of the top post players in the league and is still 23. Needs to block more shots compared to his more defensive minded compatriots.

#19 (Last Year: 48) Devon Harrell (Crusaders, PG)
Once he gets some better teammates, could challenge LaCruz as the best point guard in league. Still has moments of poor decision making, but he is scarily good already.

#20 (Last Year: 9) Jerome Bradley (Renegades, SF)
He is who he is, warts and all. But with four incredible prospects around him, he can be the veteran scorer and leader the Renegades will desperately need.

#21 (Last Year: 19) Jevon Novak (Dragons, PG)
Career best year in 2022 and has stood up to be the leader of the young Denver squad. Forms a dynamic 1-2 with Odell Bracey and they should work off each other even better this year as OB1 continues to develop.

#22 (Last Year: 29) Dameon Clarke (Mustangs, PF)
Up and down 2022 but once he moved to Detroit, saw his numbers climb. His stretch potential is highly valued. Clarke will have to prove he is the leader of this team if the Mustangs are going to sniff playoffs.

#23 (Last Year: 25) Reggie Goodwin (Bullets, SG)
The Bullets being so bad masked his two way potential, but as they improve, Goodwin's high value skills - defense and outside shooting - should become more apparent. Will play well off Honeycutt.

#24 (Last Year: 34) Mark Hunter (Skyhawks, C/PF)
Offensively gifted center still figuring out all of his weaponry. Not quite there defensively and passing needs more work, but he has six seasons of experience and is only 22. Is going to enjoy the lobs from Rubin Wingfield this year.

#25 (Last Year: 40) Rasheem Fisher (Vultures, PG)
Shot a career best from the field and led the league in assists for the first time. Has enjoyed playing with Banks; their pick and rolls are deadly.

#26 (Last Year: 18) Rubin Wingfield (Skyhawks, PG)
Proved that his 2017 MVP was mostly the result of a halo from Kaiama Nyambi, but the trade to the Skyhawks and teaming up with Mark Hunter should see him back amongst the best guards in the league.

#27 (Last Year: 42) Kahlil Hooker (Jaguars, C/PF)
Similar to some other young talent of his ilk, he may not be required to score up to his true capabilities - it's his defense and shot changing ability that is already promising to be his calling card.

#28 (Last Year: 24) Reggie Fortier (Cyclones, SF/PF)
His grit is unquestioned. Despite being a great defender and occasionally scorer, is he truly the alpha of this Cyclones team?

#29 (Last Year: 36) Derrick Griffin (Scorpions, SF)
Could be the best lockdown perimeter defender in the league. Has proven he can explode on offense and has continued to improve his offensive consistency.

#30 (Last Year: 27) Leon Bowen (Hurricanes, C/PF)
Missing the first month at least will hurt. The Hurricanes are so much better with him. Shot a career best 62% from the field last year.

#31 (Last Year: 45) Josh Gamble (Cyclones, PG)
Trajectory is looking good as he continues to develop his game. Overshadowed a little by Devon Harrell, but displays wonderful poise and maturity far beyond his years.

#32 (Last Year: 12) Orpheus Swayda (Vultures, SF)
Clearly in his twilight but is still an all-world scorer and underrated defender. Being at Phoenix this year will allow him to pick his spots with other solid offensive players, meaning that he should maintain efficiency.

#33 (Last Year: NR) Quavius Williamson (Huskies, PF/C)
Offense is still a WIP but he is a transcendent passer and playmaker from the 4/5. He does the simple things so well.

#34 (Last Year: NR) Vionte Houston (Huskies, SG)
Had a great third year and well on the way to becoming an All-JBL shooting guard. May never show his true scoring ability at the Huskies with Barry, but he projects to shoot 50% from the field with all the looks he gets.

#35 (Last Year: NR) Akieem Martin (Lumberjacks, C)
Underrated center who has finally started to get recognition late in his career. Moves around the basket gracefully and is a hardnosed defender.

#36 (Last Year: 32) Antoine Hall (Lightning, C)
You could forget how good Hall due to him being surrounded by All-Stars. Could be back on the radar with the Lightning this year.

#37 (Last Year: NR) Jamaal Adams (Jaguars, PG/SG)
Becoming a fan favourite thanks to his athleticism, energy and finishing. Sometimes lacks the killer instinct but he is still developing a true feel for the pro game and even what his natural position will be. Exciting prospect.

#38 (Last Year: 30) Reggie Dawkins (Warriors, C)
May dip a bit this year, but has proven he can slot into lineups and do the dirty work, while still scoring consistently -- which is exactly what Philadelphia requires.

#39 (Last Year: 35) Jamaine Curry (Cyclones, SG)
Had a rough year (like many of the Miami players), but is a dead-eye when he's locked in. Must step up this year if the Cyclones are going to have a chance of going any further.

#40 (Last Year: 23) Tyson Kuberka (Colonels, PG)
Question this year is whether or not his age will affect his ability to break down offenses. Crafty but this may be his last year as a true star.

#41 (Last Year: 49) Brandon Terry (Huskies, PG)
Good defender and distributor, and can score when required. Toronto would like to see more aggression and consistency, but they would have to be happy with Terry as their floor general.

#42 (Last Year: NR) Antonio Vega (Jaguars, SF/SG)
Sharpshooter that is growing in confidence every year. Every year he adds something else to his toolkit. Will be very fired up to show he has earned the max contract that he's on right now.

#43 (Last Year: NR) JaDante Hicks (Warriors, SG)
Defensively he has already leap-frogged many of his class. Offense will continue to develop but his 9/10 from three in the conference finals shows his star potential.

#44 (Last Year: 50) Aaron Rowland (Thunder, SF)
Another player poised to make a leap, Rowland has spent three years gathering as much experience as possible. Does a bit of everything and that's precisely what will be asked of him again this year.

#45 (Last Year: NR) Odell Bracey (Dragons, SG)
Saw his touches drop a little with Jevon Novak coming in, but managed to increase his efficiency and still provide wonderful playmaking from the 2 spot. The Dragons hope he will turn out as special as he seems.

#46 (Last Year: NR) Quinton Rice (Rockets, SG)
If he is given the keys to the Rockets offense, expect a big year. Extremely creative offensive player.

#47 (Last Year: NR) Idris Berkley (Barons, SF/SG)
Shows tremendous potential and is already a prolific scorer, but the Barons will hope he can contribute in more ways this year and step up as the true leader of the team.

#48 (Last Year: 16) Demetric Vaughn (Lumberjacks, SG/SF)
Probably the last hurrah - as long as he can provide efficient offense he is still a candidate to go off every so often. Will help the Jacks immensely.

#49 (Last Year: 39) Kelvin Black (Cyclones, C)
Poor year but still provides extremely solid post presence. If he had the ball more instead of the guards jacking it from the outside, the Cyclones could see an increase in their offensive output.

#50-T (Last Year: 33) Isaiah McCarty (Fireballs, SF)
Very close to his decline but still provides great value with his outside shooting and spacing abilities.

#50-T (Last Year: NR) Wesley Sherman (Lightning, PF)
Defensive abilities cannot be discounted. Scorpions were much worse with him off the floor and showed that it's not only the flashy stats that matter.

OUT (Last Year: 28) Pace LaGarde (Jailbirds)
OUT (Last Year: 31) Hilton Phillips (Hurricanes)
OUT (Last Year: 37) Simon Hartford (Colonels)
OUT (Last Year: 38) Shandon James (Knights)
OUT (Last Year: 41) Christian Vickery (Kings)
OUT (Last Year: 43) Frashon Lewis (Vipers)
OUT (Last Year: 44) Bryant Rodgers (Stars)
OUT (Last Year: 47) Tyler Davis (Vipers)