Dragons Trade Enright

  • By Ken Walden, Day 1, 2023

DENVER - In a sudden move before the season starts, the Denver Dragons moved veteran center Marcus Enright to the Chicago Jailbirds for Chicago's 2026 2nd round pick.

Enright was added through free agency last season to add a veteran presence at center. He started off slow, but eventually came to split time at the position with Cedric Durrant, and finishing the season strong. Despite adding no centers during this offseason, the Dragons have chosen to move Enright in order to get their roster down to 15.

"The Dragons seem to be making space for these young undrafted guys and some of their fringe players to remain on the team," said one JBL analyst. "It could hurt them in the short-run, as they develop young guys rather than having an established talent in Enright. But they seem to want to give minutes to Guinn and Durrant, their two young guys. And I suspect they feel comfortable moving Cliff McCaffrey, a seven footer at PF, over to C if need be. Whether they get any playing time for these undrafted guys is a question, as they already have established rotation guys at every position. But they're looking to the future, wanting to be grooming some new talent, I guess."

Dragons Send
C Marcus Enright

Jailbirds Send
2026 2nd round pick