Roster Set In Chicago

  • By Austin Simpson, Day 1, 2023

GM Austin announced the Jailbirds 2023 roster is set after cutting 5 players after training camp. He stated, "Some of the cuts were more or less apparent as a few players have not developed as our coaching staff would like, but others were difficult. Tyrone Wheeler was a tough decision because he had a tremendous training camp, maybe the best improvement we saw this camp, however he's further behind than some of the other guys we brought in. We sincerely hope all the players who did not make the roster continue to sharpen their skills and get the chance to showcase their talents."

The roster is now set in Chicago and we have a clearer picture of the lineups we will see this season.

PG: DeAngelo Tarver / Myree Billings / Deonte Cameron
SG: Jason Cheaney / Marcus Powell / Dorian McLeary
SF: Keydren Carter / Jalen Jackson / Kane Thomas
PF: Marcus Wright / Antoine Willis
C: Rasheed Stone / Antoine Willis

Reserves: Stuart Furstinger / Jose Gallo / Will Delph

Chicago looks to have balanced their roster, with a much improved depth at the wing positions compared to last year. New JBirds Powell and Jackson look to have solid skill sets that will mesh nicely. As multiple JBL GM's have discussed the issue now lies with a backup center. Antoine Willis played a majority of his minutes at the center position last year, but he's undersized and Chicago could look to address this need. They have multiple first round draft picks as well as some new depth on the wing that could be used to make a deal.