GM and Coach Sit Down to Discuss Season Ahead.

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 1, 2023

Boston Beat Writers today sat down with Coach Jackson and GM Jones to take a quick look at Squad before the opening games of the season in coming days.

GM Jones seemed distracted, constantly looking at his phone, ranting about fan comments on Twitter and only occasionally chiming in with anything relevant.

Below are some of Coach Jackson’s thoughts on the Squad and who might be starting in the opening games.

Center - Dmitri Ilic - Awesome at Camp. Exceeded expectations and really gelled with the players. He studied the videos hard and looks really keen to learn the set plays. Young player Chris Funk spent a lot of time in the gym and has improved his endurance. He’ll ably support Ilic if required.

Power Forward - Coach Jackson has a soft spot for Kyle Northwood and insisted we offer him another contract during the Free Agency period. He worked really hard at training camp. It’s clear his fitness and endurance has definitely increased. Okeke worked hard (but could have worked harder.) His endurance has increased and he’ll probably see some more minutes. (GM Jones comments were especially telling here. He emphasised that Northwood was Jackson’s PF on numerous occasions suggesting there might be some tension here. If Northwood doesn’t perform you have to wonder whether this could threaten Jackson’s coaching career.)

Small Forward - Young Zayveon West worked hard at camp. He seems to have a strong motor and fitness and endurance has definitely increased. He’ll see a lot of minutes as part of this growing Franchise. He’ll have plenty of competition from other draftee Ingram who also worked hard at the Camp.

Shooting Guard - Porter was injured so couldn’t fully participate at Camp but he’ll see a lot of minutes when he’s back to full strength. Tremaine Miles will be given his chance to stake his claim in the early games.

Point Guard - Harrell continues to improve and looks set for another stellar year. He’ll play a lot of minutes. Parker is aging and will play an important mentor role but he won’t see many minute son the Court.

The Crusaders Season opens on Day 1 against the Warriors.