Houston GM confirms trades

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 1, 2023

HOUSTON - GM Kyle Kappe is taking some heat for his latest deals, but insists that it is not a rebuild. "The moves went from having 4 clear starters, with just two real positions, to a clear starting 5" explains Kappe. "We feel we added some much needed balance and depth with a good mixture of veteran's and youth. We'll address each trade here."

"First off, Isaiah Clarkson wanted to be here. Contrary to rumors, he did not ask to be traded and we were not actively listening to trade rumors. If someone made an offer, we would listen to it. Some peaked our interest and we declined, others did not really move the needle for us. But two of the prospects we landed in this deal were players were think have some potential. DeAndre Buie was a player we thought had first round potential and he fell to the second round. We would have taken him had we had our first round pick. He has the ability to backup both guard positions and is in a position to develop behind two good players. Jarell Harrison was a lottery pick who projects to be a defensive star it both post positions. He does not have the need to come in a start , but should be one of the first options off of the bench to help him develop his game. The final player piece (to go with the future first round pick) is former All league, Pace LeGarde. He should provide the leadership for our younger team with balanced scoring at the SF position."

"The next deal is with the Jailbirds, and sees us trade newly aquired PG, DeAngelo Tarver, in exchange for Wesley Sherman. With two PG's and unsure with how Tarver fits in, we've decided to fill our PF hole with one of the best PF's in Wesley." Kappe explained "With some scoring distributed elsewhere, we thought this was a good balancing act for our team to clear up the PG situation, as well as addressing our PF spot. The other two players, Thomas and Baker, were necessary salary players and we wish them the best in their new endeavor."

"The final trade was the move for Kings SG, Kierall Richardson" Kappe went on "We felt like we were missing a true starter at SG and with the extra first round pick, we felt like we could trade the Vultures 1st rounder that we possess for a starting SG.

There will be no further questions on the trades we've made."