Stars Pre-season Review

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 1, 2023

"A busy off season has seen some big changes for the Stars. Managing to hold onto Tezale Craig despite the offers coming in thick and fast we were able to off load Cameron Nix and hopefully fix our locker room issues. This off season has probably been the biggest building process for me so far, deciding who to bring back and who to attack in the draft and the FA."

"Running the floor our consistent point Mohammed 'Tupac' Shakur will continue to put forward great numbers of assists as we have built well and we spread the flooe - he has worked hard to improve his shooting and you will see his points tally in double figures. Backing up Tupac in his second season at the Stars is the "Man from Atlantis" Daniel Seaborn. Last season saw Daniel pick up the most minutes for a season he has had and you can see in true Stars fashion what that has done to his assists statistic. All in all we have great representation at the point."

"The high position we were able to get in the draft has enabled us to replace Cameron Nix with a new sniper in the form of Jordan Timberlake. At 6'8 Jordan will provide a sizeable force at the 2 guard position and will likely be given a chance to operate on the wing under the tutelage of Tezale Craig. Backing up Jordan we have last seasons backup in Jackson 'Halloween' Meyers, if he gets going from beyond the arc he can be a horror story for our opponents."

"You can't say anything about Tezale Craig that hasn't already been said. We have worked hard with Tezale to build the right package around him. He was obviously disappointed last season with the locker room issues and team performance and quite rightly wanted a change. We have provided that change and given him an opportunity to shine once more. Look out JBL Craig is back. At the small forward backup position we have Damien 'The Omen' James and prolific college scorer Davauhnte Ekmark fighting to be Craigs no 2."

"In his 16th season Bryant 'Buck' Rogers will be pushing hard to see if his talents can still make the mark they used to. He will be working hard with our young bigs in the form of last seasons Ashton Kolder and a cracking steal in the free agency Kenny Ollrich. Both of these young men work hard at both ends of the court and will be out to make their mark this season."

"Fighting it out for the big man spot on the team are last seasons rookie Brandon Weir and returning big man Dexter Brown. Both of these young men have a lot to prove this season and like Kolder and Ollrich have something to prove top both themselves and the JBL. Both are talented defenders and now need to prove that they can operate in the big league."

"With a glut of wing talent we have picked up in the draft and the free agency this off season, expect to see a rotation in the backups until we see who starts to outshine the others."

PGs Shakur, Seaborn
SGs Timberlake, Meyers, Day, Noble
SFs Craig, James, Ekmark
PFs Rogers, Kolder, Ollrich
Cs Weir, Brown