Changing Things Up

  • By Rory Walker, Day 9, 2020

KANSAS CITY - Kansas City Knights GM Rory Walker called a press conference today to address issues that had been raised by the Kansas City media. Walker had this to say:

"I've called a press conference to address some changes I've made to start the season. I don't there to be any speculation about what I'm doing, nor do I want our fans to lose confidence in the team.

"After an amazing season in 2019 you may ask why I'm making many changes to the team. I want to see the full potential of my players in various roles.

"I moved Honeycutt to SF to make room for Respert at SG. Respert pleaded for more playing time last year and insisted that I start him this season. I'm giving him a well-deserved chance. I've pushed Price to get the ball to Hawes as much as possible... otherwise to Honeycutt as the second directive.

"It's too early to judge what may come of these ideas, but rest assured, we have a solid team. I won't hesitate to revert by to last season's schema if I determine that I've wasted time or our standing puts us in jeopardy of not making the playoffs. I can't wait to see what my Knights can do!