The Philadelphia Experiment

  • By Kris Burley, Day 1, 2023

PHILADELPHIA - GM KB released his manifesto, titled 'The Philadelphia Experiment' at the pre training camp press conference earlier today. He abrasively dismissed reporters with photocopies of the manifesto, refusing to answer any questions.


The Pacific Revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the JBL. They have greatly increased the win loss ratio of those who live in the "advanced" conference, but they have destabilised the rest of the league. In an effort to combat this, we here at Philadelphia have decided to take the righteous path and restore balance to the league. The following outlines our plan to restore pride to the East.

Whilst the 2022 season a success, there were gaps that became evident in the playoffs. Both series against the Jailbirds and Huskies highlighted this. Throughout the offseason we have benchmarked ourselves against these two as the teams to beat. They will continue to be our competition in 2023. The key areas of focus have been:

1. Mitigate the defensive hole known as 'Rashgap'
2. Improve the rotational depth
3. Improve offensive fire power.

With these 3 priorities in mind, I present to you 'The Philadelphia Experiment':

The Departed

- Rashard Stevens (retired)
- Sidney Cavenell (waived)
- Peja Djordjevic (waived)
- Lucas Dougherty (waived)
- Clifton Spencer (waived)
- Amani Thrash (waived)

The Leftovers

- Alonzo Weaver
- JaDante Hicks
- Ivan Obradovic
- Isaac Foster
- Dominque Respert
- Kellon Aldridge
- Max Myers

The Arrivals

- Hassan Ubuntu (Trade)
- Jarhon McLeish (Trade)
- Dainan Wideman (Draft)
- Eric Dawson (Draft)
- Reggie Dawkins (FA)
- Chris Jensen (FA)
- Cedric Brisby (FA)
- Liu Jinghau (FA)
- Rahsaan Hayes (FA)

Positional Assessment

PG: D +

This is clearly the weakest position on our roster. 2022 starter Devante Parker was defensive liability that the Jailbirds exploited in the second round of the playoffs. Backup Ashanti Brooks was promoted to the starting lineup in the conference finals and performed admirably. Our plan was to move albatross off the books, make the Brooks promotion permanent, source a veteran PG in free agency and look for a raw mid second rounder in the draft.

With the 43rd pick in the 2023 JBL Draft, we selected the 6"3 point guard Dainan Wideman from Ohio State, to play as a rotation/backup to Brooks. With Brooks turning into a drama queen, we've had to improvise. Chris Jensen and Cedric Brisby were both acquired during free agency to bolster the position. Our plans are to initially start Jensen with Wideman as his primary backup, with support from Brisby. We will be closely managing this over the early course of the season and will make adjustments as necessary.

SG: B +

We've made minimal changes at the 2 position, with JaDante Hicks (2022 All-Defensive 1st Team) starting and Dominque Respert as his backup. Hick made major strides in 2022, particularly in the playoffs where his offense (21ppg) helped cover Rashard Stevens losing the offense related portions of his brain. His game 7 performance against the Jailbirds was outstanding, converting 9 of 10 attempts from range. Respert will continue to be a solid backup to Hicks, demonstrating this during the 2 week period mid season where he started. Eric Dawson (56th pick in the 2023 draft) will be assessed post training camp.


In his 3rd season, Alonzo Weaver (2022 All-JBL 2nd Team) solidified his reputation as one of the best up and coming stars in the league. Weaver will continue to work on his outside shooting and defense in the the offseason. With Sidney Cavenell waived, Isaac Foster (2022 Sixth Man of the Year) will serve as his primary backup, with limited minutes allocated to Liu 'Dragon' Jinghau. Whilst Foster is a natural 4 and was Rashard Stevens backup in 2022, we feel that the move to SF will better suit the undersized defensive menace.

PF: B +

We believe the combination of Reggie Dawkins and Hassan Ubuntu will mitigate Rashgap. Reggie Dawkins (acquired via free agency) will start at the 4 with Hassan being the second most popular choice, consistent with his namesake OS. Whilst Dawkins is a natural centre, the slow grind style of Warriors basketball should make this an easy transition. Whilst he doesn't have the same defensive chops as Stevens, he does have superior offense and should be a positive plus/minus addition overall. Ubuntu is a great upgrade and will be core to the defense in our rotations. Kellon 'King of the dwarf sized centers' Aldridge is being considered as the 15th player on the roster, whilst Max 'anything but' Power is trash will most likely be cut.

C: B

Ivan 'Milat' Obradovic will again be starting at the 5 in 2023. An extremely underated player with a defensive rating 102.9 in 2022, has outstanding passing abilities and can shoot the 3 at a decent clip. Uduak Adenrele was drafted with the 45th pick of the 2023 draft, however was cut prior to training camp to allow room to sign free agent Rahsaan Hayes. Hayes as in experienced veteran and is a great addition to the team.

These changes will take there toll on the team which we will work through over the preseason. Pending FA finalisation and pre season, there will be cuts made. We expect to take a dip in the regular season and project to win 55 games.

Throughout this manifesto we’ve made imprecise statements and statements that ought to have had all sorts of qualifications and reservations attached to them; and some of our statements may be flatly false.