Rookie Rundown: Week One

  • By Phayd, Day 6, 2020

Now that we're a week down and some of the rookies have played their first 3 or 4 games in the JBL, here are our top 5 performers.

1. No 5 pick Kahlil Hooker for the Mexico Jaguars is getting Lions share of the rookie minutes averaging 27 minutes over his opening 3 games averaging 14 points per game on over 60% from the field. Not dominating the boards but certainly mixing it up inside. The only thing lacking from him at the moment is he is down at 40% from the stripe – certainly something Bucky Robinson will want him to work on in practice.

2. Surprise addition in the top 5 is no 26 pick Richmond Benson who has had a strong start for the Kings in his opening 4 games. Despite not starting Benson is picking up 20 minutes per game, pulling down over 7 boards per game and putting up over 14 points at an efficient 68% from the field. The kings certainly have a strong contender here. Despite being over powered by Nyambi in the game vs the Rockets he still managed 6 boards and 12 points.

3. No 2 draft pick Vionte Houston starting for the Huskies is putting up good numbers in his early games averaging 12.7 points per game in just over 23 minutes. Efficiency wise he is staying above 40% from both the field and behind the arc and doesn’t seem afraid to hustle for the loose ball as he is grabbing nearly 6 rebounds per game.

4. No 1 draft pick Weaver coming off the bench behind Reggie Coleman and still getting 20 minutes per game putting up just shy of 11 points per game but averaging less than 40% from the field. This guy is not afraid to shoot the ball putting up nearly 6 shots from behind the arc in his 20 minutes per game, Kenny Jackson will be looking for him to up that accuracy though if he is going to launch that many. His better performance seems to be his ability to get to and convert from the charity stripe though. We expect his numbers to go up as the season progresses.

5. Coming in at number 5 is Xavier Turner the no 11 pick again by the Kings. Despite getting the least amount of minutes from our top 5 at only 12.5 per game he is comfortably scoring just shy of 11 points per game at over 50% from the field. Looks like the Kings may have something to build around if he and Benson can continue to stretch in their future games