Dragons Lose Spencer, Gain McWilliams

  • By Ken Walden, Day 1, 2023

DENVER - The Devils did not waste much time in choosing to match the offer on their restricted free agent, James Spencer, bringing him back to Atlanta at the cost of $20 million for the next two years. The move leaves Denver back below the salary floor and without a big name free agent to their name.

Management was pleased to announce, however, the signing of veteran Tarvis McWilliams. The small forward is in his 15th year in the league, coming off of six straight seasons with the Knights. A shooter and playmaker who can play defense in the post and at the arc, Tarvis will provide backup and mentorship for starting small forward Mitchell van Bree and conceivably even for Odell Bracey at shooting guard.

"Tarvis is such a flexible player," said a Denver staffer. "He has the handles and passing to play shooting guard, but has no problem defending a big forward in the post. That's something we could use, and will work well with our offensive and defensive schemes. We hope that he can teach a thing or two to our young guys, and give us something off the bench we did not have last season."

As for where the money aimed at James Spencer will go next, the management is mum. Most similar players have signed their contracts, and it seems possible the Dragons do what they can to avoid salary penalties but save their money for next year's free agency and another shot at an impact player.