Sowder happens

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day 1, 2023

BALTIMORE - Baltimore Bullets general manager Andrew Taylor, better known as Bedouin, was at a function for season ticket holders this evening when the news of Sowder's trade to the Thunder came through. During his keynote speech he kept departing from his prepared statements to make comments on the unfolding drama.

'Well I'm sure as hell glad we're not all in on the 2023 season. That would fucking suck.'

'RKG should give it a rest. You can't trade the guy and then complain when he gets in your way.'

'I'm a little disappointed in Sowder, thought he was more of a competitor than this. But it's his life, his choice.'

'If Kuberka is calling Sowder a snake what the fuck does that make him, help me out here people what's a bigger reptile, a fucking dinosaur?'

'Pretty damn good to be in the Eastern conference.'

In other news Bedouin was seen talking with reporter Skip Morrissey. It was an animated chat but people privy to the conversation claim that they two have agreed to sit down for an exclusive interview at the end of free agency.