RKG Calls Press Conference, Makes Public Plea for Orien Young

  • By Michael Miller, Day 1, 2023

LAS VEGAS - Scorpions General Manager, Michael Miller, called an emergency press conference after news broke of All-World SF Dontay Sowder agreeing to a sign and trade to join the rival Seattle Thunder.

“This is just ridiculous, why doesn’t anyone want to compete anymore?”, lamented Miller. “Sowder has just killed his own legacy, he will never have a home and will never be considered amongst the true JBL legends”.

Bad blood lingers between the two since Miller traded Sowder to the Houston Lightning for SG Lamar Francis, Kai Navigato and a future first round pick. Miller immediately named Francis the team’s franchise player and has sworn to build a championship team around him.

“Last I checked, Sowder has not even sniffed the JBL Finals since he was dealt to the Lightning”, said Miller. “He could not lead the Lightning over the Scorpions in the playoffs last year and was not even the best player on the Las Vegas Scorpions championship team from 2019.”

The latter statement are harsh words said in the moment, and are certainly not true. Nevertheless, Miller continued his soliloquy from the podium, making an open overture to free agent PF Orien Young. “Orien, you have an opportunity to take on the ‘bad guys’ and reunite with your friend, Omar Grant, to take them down.”

The Scorpions repeatedly have an outstanding offer for the mid-level exception pending to Young, promising him a starting role on a contender with limited minutes if he can help mentor youngsters JJ Cooper and Jarrell Harrison. Young and Grant formed a dynamic offensive/defensive tandem that helped lead the Scorpions to the 2019 JBL title.

“Orien, we believe you are the missing piece and hope you agree. One last thing: Fuck Sowder and Fuck the Seattle Thunder.”

With that, Miller stormed off the podium. The Scorpions/Thunder matchups should be fun this year.