Crusader's GM shares his opinion on Sowder deal

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 1, 2023

BOSTON - In a case of too many wines and not being able to keep his mouth shut, the Crusader’s GM has again been sharing his opinion about players and trades that don’t concern him.

Despite not putting in an offer, and not being an appealing Franchise for Sowder, GM Jones again decided to share his opinion with anyone who would listen at a recent off-season JBLFL GM’s Luncheon.

“What a snake,” GM Jones ranted at the Chronicle’s JBLFL Beat Reporter. “Who would want that guy with his negative influence in their locker room? What has he really achieved?”

When pressed about whether he’d want Sowder at the Crusaders Jones was emphatic. “Who needs him?” Jones asked, “West’s already shown more at his age than Sowder did in College. And team culture matters.”

The Chronicle won’t speculate as to whether this is a case of sour grapes because Sowder is not on the Crusaders squad.