Rockets unveil new visual identity

  • By The Commissioner, Day 1, 2023

The Austin Rockets unveiled a new visual identity for the franchise tonight at a special event at the Rockets Arena. Members of the current Rockets roster and franchise greats were on display as fans joined together during a special ceremony in which the new identity was revealed. Rockets legend Kaiama Nyambi and rookie Zion Jefferies were on hand to help bridge the gap from the team's championship history to its future through a presentation that included world-renowned speed painters creating the team's new marks as live art for fans to experience.

Rockets GM Zach Podedworny had the following to say:

"After much success in the past decade and with the team taking a new direction, we felt that rebranding would be a good change. Our fans expect the best of us and we hope with this rebrand, we show our dedicated Rocket fans that this team means business. With our young core under head coach Dale Hunter, we hope to build a strong, championship worthy team for years to come."