Drones Draft Day Recap

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 1, 2023

CHARLOTTE - A new GM and a new coach have the fans in Charlotte feeling excited for 2023 and no singular event is more anticipated than draft night for a fan base yearning for a winner.

Coming off last week's trade which saw the Drones trade the #1 overall pick for a package which is designed to build the talent pool available for Scott Ford.

With the #5 pick, Drones GM David Gonzalez had his eyes on Rafael Williams II (RW II). The versatile wing man from Duke had a standout workout which was unmatched by any other player the Drones staff brought in during the lead up to draft night. Fortunately for the Drones staff, RW II was available and will join into the rotation immediately.

With the #14 overall pick, the Drones were looking to fill a hole at the PF spot. However, the draft board was showing a bunch of Guards and Small Forwards as the highest rated players. Confident one of either Trent Buchanan or JJ Cooper would fall down the board, the Drones GM hit the phones looking to trade down.

Charlotte found a partner in the Kansas City Knights and worked out a deal to obtain the #24 overall pick and the Knights 1st Round pick for the #14 overall.

As of pick #21, the Drones staff saw both PF targets still available in addition to DeMarco Prince and Lorenzen Townes who were next on the target list. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, 3 of these 4 players were all selected next leaving team with one option at #24: Trent Buchanan from Cincinnati.

Things got a bit suspicious at the end of round 1. With Charlotte owning the #31 overall pick (first of round 2), the team had one clear target above all else; Eli Custer PG from Oklahoma. Custer was a player that former assistant Pete Coachman had personally scouted and brought into Charlotte for a solid pre-draft workout. At the last minute, the Kings leap frogged from #32 to #30 and selected Custer who other scouts tell us wasn't as high on most JBL draft boards.

Drones ownership has reached out to JBL administrators to inquire about the relationship between Coachman and members of the Kings staff. After a thorough investigation into week's blowup at Scott Ford's press conference, Charlotte security now suspects that Coachman likely transmitted private data to a personal computer including scout reports and draft data prior to storming out of the complex.