Vultures shake up the lineup, acquire Orpheus Swayda from Lightning

  • By Aaron Liang, Day 1, 2023

PHOENIX - The Vultures today signalled a shift forward in its competitive timelines as it acquired future hall of famer Orpheus Swayda from the Lightning in exchange for the Vultures' #1 pick in the 2024 draft.

In a move that will raise eyebrows as surely as it raises the Vultures' team salary in 2023, the addition of Swayda will require lineup changes for a roster that has been remarkably stable for the past two seasons while GM sik_air looked for internal development from a very young core. The Vultures will also look to re-sign All-JBL 2nd team forward Drayton Banks when free agency opens in the next 24 hours, and he is expected to command the maximum $28M. This would put the Vultures salary at just under $100M, with only 8 players under contract.

Nonetheless, the Vultures obviously feel that the addition of Swayda is worth it, despite the chemistry and salary issues it may bring. While on the back end of his career, Swayda averaged 23 points and 7 rebounds last season and was named to the All-JBL 3rd team as recently as 2021.

The Vultures are rumoured to be interested in further deals this offseason, after trading out of the 2023 draft bonanza. Lineup and rotations are yet to be considered by the coaching staff, which in a lower profile signing today, now includes new assistant coach Terrance Foster.

Orpheus Swayda player profile: