Colonels Silent Offseason So Far

  • By Jae Robinson, Day 1, 2023

The 2023 season started hot for most teams. Draft and Trades have the teams quite busy but not Louisville Colonels, moves that got the team valuable veterans Simon Hartford & Tyson Kuberka limits the overall moves of the team with no draft picks and no cap space the team is in the back of the bus metaphorically watching as the others have fun on the way to school.

Louisville Herald: "How is offseason so far?"

GM Jae Robinson: "It is pretty hard to sit and wait and have zero moves. I didn't fully see it through when I dealt assets but we have a pretty good team setup just needed to add bench. We are down to 9 players now with 2 of those in the free agent pool, which we intend to re-sign and match other offers by the way."

LH: "What is the move regarding addressing the lack of players this offseason?"

GM Jae Rob: "We are probably going to try and see if there are deals out there that we can observe and all ideas are welcome. We are going to approach this as methodical as possible and we have been in communication with some of the teams but nothing conrete as of yet."

LH: "Are we expecting a trade in the horizon?"

GM Jae Rob: "Maybe... We are not closing doors for potential deals. Focus is to develop Akele and Knox but still be competitive. So, bottom line is we are active despite the lack of movement."

LH: "Jamal Wilkinson has been in trade wire for quite some time since trade deadline last season, is he the odd man out?"

GM Jae Rob: "No comment. Next question."

LH: "Obviously there is more to it than that. Hypothetical question if he is to be traded what would you be looking for?"

GM Jae Rob: "Hypothetical answer? I guess added depth on positions we need maybe some picks, combination of both, can be a number of things. Like I said we have been active and we know the chatter on the media as well."

LH: "Are you willing to part ways with a future pick in exhange for player/s? That can be another way to acquire assets."

GM Jae Rob: "Hell no. Lesson learned. Next question?"

LH: "Is Akele or Knox tradeable assets?"

GM Jae Rob: "Are we done here? What kind of question is that?!"

At that point of the interview an obviously irritated GM Jae Robinson left the room. The frustration mounts in Louisville as the lack of movement in the offseason has been a loud silence for the organization. After making headlines during the season with massive deals that landed quite big names, the offseason is more of crickets in the green. Will the Colonels break silence or are they just going to stroll through offseason moveless? We will probably have to wait and see.