Blizzards give up on Rifkind

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 1, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS - The Rifkind experiment is over, at least in Minneapolis. Today new general manager Billy agreed to his first trade in the JBL which is sure to raise some eyebrows at least on paper. Jaleen Rifkind drafted at pick 14 in the 2022 draft was in the doghouse straight from the start along with with Jacob Rogers, pick 35 in last years draft for veteran Jamarcus Norwood of the Austin Rockets.

The move will save Minneapolis 3 million dollars for next season.

High hopes for Deleon Slay and the general managers fondness for late rounder Bakari Kostur left Rifkind out of the rotation for the foreseeable future. The move gives the Blizzards an absolutely clean slate next year with only Slay, Palacek and new rookies Mobley and Taphorn on the roster for next season. It is unclear what sort of role Jamarcus Norwood will play on the roster, the veteran is disliked and emotional and definitely not a locker room guy. It is unclear whether he will make the 15 man roster that the blizzards still have to get down to.