2020 Vision: Day 1 Recap

  • By The Commissioner, Day 1, 2020

Kings 119 Devils 132


Swayda only took 9 shots (scoring 26) and fouled out in 19 minutes, but the Devils managed to pull this one out. Ellington was impressive and Thomas had 17 assists.

LaGarde’s first game back was a very solid 26-6-6-4. He hasn’t lost a step. Rookie Benson had 16-9-4-2-2 in an impressive debut.

Warriors 83 Hurricanes 103


Leon Bowen was unstoppable with 26-9. James Livingston had the first start of his career with 11-14-6, while Jermaine Wade shot 2/12 but finished with 16pts (and 4 blocks, a career high) off the bench.

Tyler Davis had 21 points and 4 assists but the rest of the team shot terribly. Hyped #1 pick Alonzo Weaver came off the bench, but shot 2/9 for 6 points and 5 rebounds.

Fireballs 121 Jaguars 124


“LA Fire” started off quickly but ran out of puff in the end. Carstensen had 30 points and 7 boards, while LaCruz contributed 18-6-11-3. Drayton Banks had 18-11 in his LA debut but was ineffective.

#5 pick Kahlil Hooker had a huge opening night with 19 points and 6 rebounds next to Bryant Rodgers 19-11. Ashley Winters impressed with 18 points but only had 3 assists, while Antonio Vega had 19 points and 5 assists. Jamaal Adams, the #4 pick, had 10 points and 4 boards off the bench.

Tritons 107 Scorpions 115


No championship hangover here for the big 5 from LV. Lorenzen Eyles had 25-5-6, Dontay Sowder 26-9-6, Grant 16-12. Malik Benjamin had 5 points and 3 assists in his bench role debut.

Tritons looked out of sorts. Cameron Nix shot 4/17 for 11 points, while Marcus Ivory had 19 points and 15 rebounds with Grant and Young doing a great job on him defensively. Keith Humphries, the Tritons’ new PG starter for the future, had 19-7-6. Reggie Fortier was awful with 2 points and 6 fouls in 24 minutes, shooting 1/8. Mitchell Epps had 20 points (new career high) and 4 rebounds off the bench.

Huskies 107 Renegades 122


New York looks fired up to start the season. Jerome Bradley had 29-8 and Rashard Stevens an efficient 21-17. L-Train had 16 points in 26 minutes but Frashon Lewis injured his leg and was forced to finish the game in the locker room.

For Toronto, Darius Barry shot horribly with 4/15 for 9 points, while Vionte Houston looked lost, scoring 5 points and committing 4 fouls. Bryant King held down the fort with 26-12. Brandon Terry had 15 points and 9 assists which bodes well for this season.