Fireballs Trades Up to #18, Picks Teague

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2023

LOS ANGELES - GM Jron was busy during draft day as he was reportedly in the phone with several teams in a bid to trade up but ultimately shook hands with Hurricanes GM Tim for the Canes 2023 1st Round #18 and 2026 2nd Round for 2023 1st Round #25 and 2023 2nd #37. The Fireballs immidately selects Kareem Teague, the 6'8" freshman SG from Kansas who is known for his defensive potential and outside shooting reportedly impresses in his workout and the Fireballs front office believes he will be gone by the 25th pick and worked around the clock to trade up.

USC SG Dom Harmon was picked before Teague and many believes if he was available at 18 he might be the Fireballs pick but GM Jron was firm that Teague was #1 in their draft boards followed by Wake Forest sophomore Ari Ajayi but if he was in that situation it will be a tough call given that GM Jron has USC ties. The pick gives the Fireballs defensive weapons at the wing position as earlier this offseason the team acquired SG Lorenzo Charles. Certainly a new look Fireballs is emerging as reports of Orien Young was renounced along with other LA FAs. Only center Keemar Campbell and PG TJ Holloway werent renounced according to reports.