Chaos at Drones Coach Reveal

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 1, 2023

CHARLOTTE - It was an interesting afternoon at the Drones Bank of America Practice Facility where GM David Gonzalez had the opportunity to announce Scott Ford as the new Head Coach for the franchise.

Ford spent his first 3 years in the JBL as an Assistant Coach on Aaron Chamberlain's staff in Miami. Ford is viewed as an ideal fit to help instruct the young talent that is already on the roster in addition to the talent which will be added with two 2023 lottery picks.

Towards the end of today's presser, now former Assistant Coach, Pete Coachman stormed into the Press Room cursing at ownership and GM Gonzalez. He had to be held back and was eventually escorted from the building. Coachman's point of contention surrounds his allegation that he was promised to be the successor to Shawn Griffiths by previous management.