Five potential bargains or sleepers in Free Agency 2023

  • By Joe Weber, Day 1, 2023

5 - Lucious Barclay - PG

Barclay feels he should have a starting position going forward and I find it hard to disagree. Even if you sign him as your primary PG backup, he would be a great signing at his asking price of 6m/3 with plenty of gas left in the tank. He has an undersized frame but comes boasting a 15ppg 10apg 2.2spg per 36 over the last 5 years, with excellent assist usage numbers and with playoff and championship experience. He plays well in the clutch as well as great stats from his three playoff runs. He will be a steal for someone willing to give him a shot.

4 - Dexter Brown - C

Great height and reach at 7'0 and a 7'3 wingspan, Brown just oozes potential but has never really gotten a shot to play on a solid Stars team. Some scouts show him with a lot of tools to help a team right now despite being just 21. Rumors that he is cocky might be true but if he can play, he can play. Will be interesting to see if he takes the 4m a year to ride the pine again or if he will leave and get some burn for one of the young teams with money that can afford to take a shot on potential diamonds like Brown.

3 - Demetric Vaughn - SG/SF

What can I say. The guy can still play. 10m/1? He claims he wants to resign but we saw Vickery walk from the 'Stangs last season once the money started to get thrown around. Why not grab some cash on his way out..You are telling me some team won't throw 15 million at a former 86 point scorer with gas in the tank? Vaughn has a ticket punched to the hall of fame anytime he wants and he knows the mustangs took a big step back last season. There are quite a few contenders who might find themselves losing out on the main FA they want and he could find a potential large payday for one seasons worth of work.

2 - Linton Hughes - SF/PF

Claims he won't retire till he has a chance to play with/against his son so here he is again. Not sure why someone wouldn't throw some money at the old man. Brings fans to the stadium and frankly the old man can still play. Three championship rings, 300+ million earned! You could do much worse with him coming in to back you up at SF or PF and you might want him on the court at the end of the game....Pay the man his money!

1 - Isaiah Foreman - C

Only asking 7 million a year - this guy could easily get double that or more if he is willing to leave Austin. After finally getting his chance to play this season after sitting on the bench for three years he flourished...getting 12ppg and 9rpg in 31mpg good for Most Improved Player. He has a good sized body and has a very versatile game for a big.. showing he can drain the 3 (34.5%) and pass the ball (3apg). He's a workhorse and should only get better and better at just 21. I can't imagine one of the teams looking for a stud don't throw a lot of money his way and see if he bites.