GM of the Year

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 1, 2023

Congratulations to Andrew Seitz aka The Process (GM of the Year).

It probably comes as little surprise to most that the Kings GM, Andrew Seitz aka "The Process", has won GM of the Year for the 2022 season. His meticulous drafting paired with the addition of veteran PG Christian Vickery netted a +17 wins this season over last and a second round playoff appearance. The Kings this year improved both offensively and defensively as a team this year with ORtg, DRtg and NetRtg being in the top 10 of the league. Say what you want about their "lazy" or "bust" players, but it is clear that the process is working. What's next for the process? Only Andrew can answer, but if his name is again on the GM of the Year shortlist next year, the league should watch out!