Phila releases 5 players ahead of FA

  • By Kris Burley, Day 1, 2023

PHILADELPHIA - To further unlock the opportunities in the upcoming FA period, The Philadelphia Warriors have released the following players:

- Sidney Cavenell
- Peja Djordjevic
- Lucas Dougherty
- Clifton Spencer
- Amani Thrash

"Whilst this does represent a 3rd of the roster, improving cap space is our number one priority" said GM_KB. "This unlocks another $11.450m to aggresively pursue our targets. Given the low contribution from the team (the group accumatively averaged 14ppg), with three 2nd round picks in the upcoming draft we feel that we can adequately cover these gaps".

With $43.2m available in free agency, you can expect Phila to splash the cash and drive prices up.