Stars Welcome Larry Anderson to the coaching team

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 1, 2020

StarsTV - "Tonight folks Nashville Stars are pleased to welcome the addition of Larry Anderson to the coaching team. Here's what GM Phayd had to say."
GM Phayd - "Larry has a wealth of experience and alongside Geoff and David we have the most experienced coaching team in the league. I'm excited about the potential for the team this year after our close run last year. The fans are excited. The players are ready and the coaches are keen to get to work. Go Stars!"
Stars TV - "Larry Anderson has had a lot of playoff experience over the years with the Kings having reached the finals and 3 conference finals before. Come the end of the season that knowledge will be invaluable as the Stars seek to take it to the next level. With the most combined experience team of coaches in the league the Stars should be well prepared for every eventuality this coming season. The new rookies will have all that knowledge and experience to boost their confidence as they add to the Star filled lineup (pun intended). This is looking like the best lineup across the board that the Stars have ever had. Time for a championship to come to Nashville?"