Houston GM denies reports of a rift between Sowder and management.

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 1, 2023

HOUSTON - GM Kyle Kappe came out and vehemently denied any rumors of an argument at the end of the year meeting between management, coaching staff, and Dontay Sowder. "There have been unfounded rumors from our organization that Dontay asked for more help in getting to the championship series and he was rebuffed." spoke Kappe. "We are constantly looking at ways to improve our team and we'll do our best to add the right element of players and coaching to ensure a championship caliber." Any notion that Dontay doesn't want to be here is pure garbage and we are currently working on making sure our contract offer is both attractive long term as far as money is involved and the balance of players is homogeneous with the style of play that maximizes Dontay's skill set. He has had expressed his desire in keeping Orpheus (Swayda) and as far as we are concerned, he's still under contract and a key member of our organization".