Skyhawks aquire Wingfield from Rockets

  • By Joe Weber, Day 1, 2023

ST LOUIS - Fans were surprised this morning when the news broke that the Skyhawks, just one season after trading top PG Novak for a future first, have aquired All star PG Rubin Wingfield from the Rockets.

While giving up the 7th, and 16th in this years draft they got back the rockets First rounder next year which should be a lottery pick.

Rockets clearly entering full rebuild mode, while the Skyhawks now have a couple stars but a lot of questions.

GM w7 on the trade : "Well it's like I was saying last season, we wanted to shape the team a different way. Rubin will make everyone around him better. We have a young team and his incredible leadership and experience should go a long way to make us a tough team to play against night in and night out."

"We had talked to the rockets last offseason about this trade but could not get it done. It's done now and hopefully this gets the fans excited again after a rough year last year." 'Hopefully we can still improve in other areas"