Wingfield Traded to St. Louis

  • By Zach Podedworny, Day 1, 2023

AUSTIN - Sad day here in Austin. A day that all Rockets fans knew was coming, but they didn't want to see come to fruition. Star PG Rubin Wingfield traded to St. Louis.

The motivation behind this move is obvious, the Rockets need to blow it up as many GMs have had to come to the conclusion before. The Rockets tried to stay competitive while retooling the roster, but even with the amount of cap space available the Rockets front office decided that the risk of bringing top talent to compete with the rebuilding teams of the East and the top teams of the West was too big. With no 2023 first round pick, the Rockets would have been once again stalling their development and would probably fallen into the same fate as 2022.

The Rockets do hope to re-sign SG Quintin Rice and C Isaiah Foreman in the offseason and look forward to a great 2023 season.

The Rockets send PG Rubin Wingfield and the Rockets 2024 1st round pick to the Skyhawks for picks #7 and #16 in the 2023 draft.