Mexico City Jaguars grab 2023 1st Over Pick

  • By Paul Grant, Day 1, 2023

GM Grant in a quick statement to a packed media gallery.

"Firstly the whole country would like to express our deep sadness for Trading Jordan Carstensen. Jordans 100% professionalism helped the Jags to our best season since our Championship year."

"As the JBL is a highly competitive league you have to make horrible decisions for the greater good of the team and this was a perfect example. Grabbing the Number 1 pick while freeing up salary cap space will hopefully set the Jags up for the next decade.

**Jags Full season, FA, Draft release to follow shortly**

MEXICO CITY - Trade Recap:

Mexico City Trade:

- 2023 Jaguars 1st round pick (#5)
- 2023 Jaguars 1st round pick (#14)
- 2024 Jaguars 1st round pick
- 2025 Jaguars 2nd round pick
- SG/SF Jordan Carstensen

To the Drones for:

- 2023 Drones 1st round draft pick (#1)