Drones trade down from #1

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 1, 2023

CHARLOTTE - New GM David Gonzalez has looked at the Drones roster and has come to the conclusion that 1 player will not be the difference for a franchise with an overall win percentage of 27%.

"Evans and Hughes both performed exceptionally during their workouts and we firmly expect them to accomplish a lot during their years in the JBL. However, this roster needs an influx of talent in a number of areas and this trade will help us address those needs moving forward. In addition, we fully expect Carstensen to come in and contribute offensively plus lead this youth movement."

Trade Recap:

- 2023 Drones 1st round draft pick (#1)

- 2023 Jaguars 1st round pick (#5)
- 2023 Jaguars 1st round pick (#14)
- 2024 Jaguars 1st round pick
- 2025 Jaguars 2nd round pick
- SG/SF Jordan Carstensen