Fireballs Completes Coaching Staff

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES - The assistant coaching hunt is over for Los Angeles as hall of fame Point Guard Alton Wilkes signed aboard as an assistant coach to Head Coach Rudy O. The signing is estimated at $9 Million in 3 years (about $3M a year), terms of the contract was disclosed.

Earlier this month Los Angeles was eyeing another hall of famer in Rowan "Flea" Jamison (who signed with champion Las Vegas Scorpions) and also hall of famer and former Fireballs wing and M. Butler who eventually signed as a head coach with Seattle Thunder. The idea is to find someone that will be groomed to take over once Rudy O. retires.

"We are pleased to welcome Alton Wilkes to the fold and he will greatly influence our young core. Chris LaCruz will benefit the most of this signing as he will be able to learn a lot from Alton who himself was one of the all-time greats at PG position if not the best to ever do it." GM Jron Grace said about the signing.

"Los Angeles is the place where I wanted to start my career as a coach. Learning under the Great Rudaski is a great honor for me. I always admire him, his professionalism and his great mind overall. Same with my fellow assistant coach Stuart King, he and I will work tirelessly to get LA the help they need. I am ready, I told Jron (Grace), let's get that playoff run." Alton Wilkes added.

This signing is an icing on what is already a unique off-season for the Fireballs, they renounced star SG Curry but was able to lock a replacement star in pivot Drayton Banks, securing versatile veteran wing Curtis Westley and high flyer Dejuan Jefferies. Fireballs ready to take the next step.