Fireballs Joins 2023 Draft, Acquired 'Jacks 1st Round (20th Overall)

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2023

LOS ANGELES - The Fireballs made another step towards retooling by acquiring Portland Lumberjacks 1st Round which is slotted at 20th overall, up and coming defensive stalwart Center Derrick "Guzo" Aririguzoh, veteran wing Lorenzo Charles and undrafted guard J.P. Marquardt, in return 'Jacks received 3 future pick in 2024 1st Round (Hurricanes), 2025 1st Round (Fireballs) and 2024 2nd Round (Fireballs). The move again strips the Fireballs of draft picks in the first round for the next 2 years but the team seems to be hopeful that they can use the #20 pick to fill the gaps now and address some weaknesses going forward.

"Well, obviously the trade gives us depth in which we really needed last season as you all witnessed. We like Guzo, he is young and fits our system going in 2023, he is in the same mold as Keem (Campbell), almost the same size and player type, both are athletic defenders that can protect the paint, it will be seamless to rotate both players. Lorenzo Charles is a proven defensive wing that would help right away, JP (Marquardt) has potential and can help us in terms of depth, the 20th pick is interesting, we haven't penciled someone in as a lock but we are looking to address our needs in hopes of getting this team on track to be competitive next season." GM Jron said of the trade.

The alarming thing about this trade is the Fireballs again dealt 2 future 1st rounds albeit possible mid-to-late picks, still GM Jron again gambles on a trade like always do. The fans have mixed reaction to this move but the front office seems to mind. This trade immidiately gives the Fireballs some defensive help which has been a weakness the team needs to address. Guzo and Charles would possibly play a role in the system and JP looks like a project if anything else. The 20th pick will be interesting, there are obvious holes in that needs to be addressed and by the looks of this year's class it is deep on players that can play a role and be serviceable, at #20 there can be some players that would definitely be interesting for the Fireballs. The front office have confirmed that they have already started with workouts and interviews for prospects despite still not having a pick, which is a definite sign that they intend to acquire one come draft time.