Jacks Deal Depth For Picks

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 1, 2023

PORTLAND - The Lumberjacks have sent former first round selection Derrick Aririguzoh to the LA Fireballs along with Lorenzo Charles, J.P. Marquardt and the 20th pick in the upcoming JBL draft. Portland receives the 2024 Hurricanes 1st, 2024 Vipers 2nd and 2025 Fireballs 1st in the deal.

"There were really two reasons to make this trade," explained Jacks GM Tim Wallis. "We felt that we had some young big guys who were all deserving of court time in Bryant, Sylvester and Guzo, and just not enough minutes to divide up between them, particularly after we brought in Akieem (Martin). Guzo is a very talented guy and we feel that it's a good situation for him to go to in LA where he can challenge for that starting spot, while we get to re-stock on future picks."

"Of course, there's also the fact that we save a bit over 11 million with this move, putting us in a position where we can offer a maximum contract to Dontay Sowder."