Bullets and Mustangs agree to trade

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 1, 2023

DETROIT - The Detroit Mustangs have agreed to terms with the Baltimore Bullets sending Hassan Bundu, the Mustangs 2023 1st Round, Mustangs 2023 2nd Round, and Jailbirds 2023 2nd Round in return for the Rockets 2023 1st Round and Skyhawks 2024 2nd Round.

The move isn’t a complete shock as Bundu had recently found himself on the fringe of the Mustangs starting rotation and the defensive specialist had seemingly fallen out of favor with GM Joel Steelman. Likely a salary conscious move, the Mustangs essentially freed up 4.8M in cap space by moving their picks this year and essentially deferring a double second round pick to next year. This move further validates rumors that the Mustangs could be making a move towards Sowder in the Free Agency market.