Baltimore Acquires Bundu from the Mustangs

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day 1, 2023

Baltimore – Immediately after the conclusion of the 2022 JBL Finals the Bullets front office submitted the paperwork for their first trade of the offseason to the league office.

The trade will send the Rockets 2023 1st (Pick 10) and the Skyhawks 2024 2nd to the Detroit Mustangs in exchange for PF Hassan Bundu, the Mustangs 2023 1st (Pick 15), the Mustangs 2023 2nd (Pick 43) and the Jailbirds 2023 2nd (Pick 56).

Baltimore Bullets GM Bedouin, who has been largely inaccessible to the media this season, added the following statement.

“Time to go to work.”