LaCruz Reportedly Suffered Broken Toe from Personal Workouts

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 205, 2022

LOS ANGELES - Just days after reporting Fireballs Court General Chris LaCruz have committed on putting in extra work with Coach Alton Wilkes, the star point guard have suffered a broken toe and will be out for 4-6 weeks. Is he pushing himself too far? After a rather disappointing season for the Fireballs organization, LaCruz have pledged to push himself to the limits and be a better player next season, with rumors of him working out with legendary hall of famer Alton Wilkes who is an assistant in LA now, and talks that he will also visit former Fireball and legend in his own rights Mitchell Butler this offseason for some workouts but it seems he might have to change his plans.

LaCruz was spotted doing 3-a-day workouts ever since the season ended and word is he is working on his defense, rebounding and outside shooting to prepare for next season. He hurt his toe in an evening workout at the Forum and reports have suggested that the training was intense enough to have LaCruz toe broken. LaCruz played all 82 games at 37.7 mpg and didn't have a problem regarding his health. But his desire to improve this offseason have him working double-time.

Is LaCruz pushing himself too hard? That is the question that the fans have been asking. "That is Chris (LaCruz) for you guys, he has this hunger that built up during the season and we have talked to him about taking it down a notch on the workouts because we have been on those workouts and we saw how intense those are. But he'll be alright though, he needs to go to vacation somewhere and relax. He earned it." GM Jron stated when asked about the LaCruz.

"Well, it was just a routine drill court to court type of drill, nothing out of the extraordinary he just went full speed and kind of slide a bit when breaking in the baseline and he said something wasn't right with his toe when he stopped, he didn't want to stop and wanted to finish the session but I said to have it checked and it was worse than he thought it would be, we have it checked and test came back positive for broken toe. He was of course devastated and the first question from him is when can he be cleared to do full court activities, the kid has a different fire in him this time around." Alton Wilkes commented about how the injury occurred.

"I felt something was off after a few go arounds on the full court agility drill, the last break I slipped on a wet spot and that is when my toe kind of popped. I tried to finish the session but Coach Al (Wilkes) wasn't having it. I'll probably going to still workout in different ways, film, light workouts, upper body, anything to be active." LaCruz said.

It was a scary situation in Los Angeles hearing your star player getting injured but the silver lining is we are just going to approach the offseason and he will have more time to recover and heal. "Well, I think I'll enjoy the playoffs and watch my friends do work. I'll watch the Western conference finals, to see my guys Franchise (Francis) and Dre (Phifer) go at it, it would be fun, I wish I can be there because playoff atmosphere is crazy in the JBL, I sure miss that." LaCruz said on his plans now going forward. "Oh and I will still visit Coach Mitch (Butler), after the season, I'll have that trip for sure." He added while laughing. It's good to see LaCruz still in high spirits eventhough suffering an injury. We all can't wait till he gets back and pick up where he left off.