Devon Harrell sits down for an interview

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 180, 2022

BOSTON - Devon Harrell isn’t satisfied with the fact he’ll likely soon end up the highest paid franchise player at the Crusaders.

The High School and College Champion for the Crusaders wants so much more than the high salary he’s about to command when his contract soon comes up for renewal.

The young Point Guard wants to be a Legend. He wants success and Championships. He wants to be recognised in the Hall of Fame.

As far as Harrell is concerned, his JBLFL efforts to date mean nothing. The best is ahead of him.

In a wide-ranging interview last Wednesday, Harrell said the reason injury he sustained might have been the best thing to ever happen to him. It forced him to struggle to get back on the Court and helped him focus and prioritise

Harrell, who is coming towards the end of his rookie contract, doesn’t doubted a new deal will be done soon.

General Manager Hamish Jones believes Harrell has matured quite a bit since last season. He was convinced Harrell was completely healthy after watching him practice against teammates last week and is excited to see what he’ll bring to the Court next season.