GM Phayd on Stars decline

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 141, 2022

In a short press release today GM Phayd made the following statements allowing no questions from the attending press.

"Let me start by being candid, it is plainly obvious that this season is a disaster in comparison to the last two years. What looked liked another push for a title shot has backfired. This is wholly my fault. I made some moves in the last off season that would allow us some freedom in the coming seasons financially to keep fresh. Unfortunately those moves have led to upset in the locker room something we hadn't anticipated."

"The first half of the season could have gone so much better, we had on paper a strong starting five and we had depth to cover them. The reality is that the locker room disruption has sent us backwards to the point that Tezale Craig our front man had asked to be traded to one of the contending teams in this season."

"For us Craig is a franchise player and although we listed to offers unfortunately what we wanted to allow us to rebuild was not forthcoming. For Tezale it means he is going to miss out on another career defining season before we can rebuild this off season and offer him the platform he deserves. We did try to shake up the locker room by floating some of our other players but we will only trade for what we think they are worth."

"In Tezale we have a franchise player that next season could see us back amongst the race. To him we have made assurances that we will strive in the off season to shape around him a team he deserves. We have some promising youngsters in their first few seasons who are going to have to carry the weight for the remainder of this season and prove they are worthy of a place in this team."

"I apologise to the fans and the people of Nashville for this blip in such a promising era. We will get back up there. There is a plan."