JBL Inside Scoop: Trade Deadline Deals I - Day 119

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 125, 2022

JBL Inside Scoop: Trade Deadline Deals I - Day 119
By: Lesean Wainwright, LA Times

Over the trade deadline period there were no shortage of moves as there were big names that will be moving on some new teams, which can be impactful and there are some minor ones that can impact their team in small ways. We will review the deals that happened over the trade deadline period and will try to analyze the trades. Here is part 1 tackling the trades that happened on Day 119, the official start of the trade gates for the trade deadline period:

DAY 119: Chicago and Detroit Swap Stars

DETROIT RECEIVES PF Dameon Clarke and 2023 2nd Round Pick (CHI)

CHICAGO - They get another versatile player to add to their already lethal wing combo of Jason Cheaney and Keydren Carter in Pace LaGarde (21.9 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 5.1 apg, 1.6 spg andf 1.3 bpg) . A very good problem to have, considering Cheaney can play the point to have 3-headed monster on the 1-2-3 that is a lot of versatility between the 3 wings which all can co-exist in the same starting lineup. They gave up Dameon Clarke who is a 20-point scorer and a double-double machine (20.3 ppg, 11.9 rpg. 3.7 apg and 1.8 bpg) and their own 2nd round pick for 2023 draft. The good thing about Pace LaGarde is that he is flexible enough to be inserted in all 3 perimeter positions which will be good considering Jailbirds is looking to play positionless basketball from here on out. The downside is they let go of Clarke (whom expresses his frustrations about being dangled on some trade packages early in the season) whom a reliable 4 but with an expiring contract, they need to cash in now or let him walk into FA with virtually nothing. LaGarde's contract expires on 2024 which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. LaGarde is 32 years old and will be 35 by end of his contract, he will regress but as of now, he is regressing gracefully being great 3rd option for the Jailbirds who is primed for a playoff run in the wide open Eastern Conference.

DETROIT - A surprising move for a team that made the finals last season, who is hanging for dear playoff life in the 8th seed. Good thing is that they are in the East and just a few games ahead of the remodeled Colonels team. The Mustangs received a bump in their frontcourt with the arrival of Dameon Clarke who will tandem with veteran pivot Reggie Dawkins inside to give Detroit some muscles. The team's decision to let Pace walk is not out of the extraordinary albeit surprising. They have been exploring to get their team in position to make a splash in the offseason and Pace LaGarde is a necessary pawn. If this is a move for the offseason then the guess is they will go after JBL MVP Dontay Sowder whom rumored to have contacted both Clarke and Demetric Vaughn earlier this season to form a big 3 wherever they decide to play. Detroit seems to be the front runner if they make the right moves this offseason. They already have 2 of the 3 pieces to make that engine run. If they do get all 3 the next problem is surrounding them with role players and depth and that is for another discussion, entirely.

DAY 119: Louisville Gambles of Kuberka, Hurricanes Unloads Star to Develop a New One


LOUISVILLE - The Colonels are exceeding expectations with how they are performing this season the acquisition of Star PF Simon Hartford has been a positive one for the Colonels who seems to be thriving with the veteran big man. One issue that Hartford has is that the team needed another star to really push for position this season and the Colonels front office now addresses that problem with the Kuberka deal, the enegmatic PG has shown what he can do when fully healthy and focused. Kuberka's numbers with Hurricanes this season is encouraging 19 ppg 7.9 apg 3.7 rpg and 1.6 spg far from his All-Star numbers way back but still effective nonetheless. The explosive guard will be the immidiate scoring leader in a team with a good mix of veterans and youngins, Kuberka can impact this team in 2 different ways either positively and be a leader or negatively and be a distraction, I guess him and Hartford will have to figure it out having 2 bright young prospects in Point Forward Uman Akele and rookie Perimeter Scorer Trendon Knox to develop and not babysit will be a plus.

NEW ORLEANS - This move by New Orleans is based on the emergence of 2nd year point guard Sergio Loyola who stepped in right away when Kuberka went down, starting 17 games with a 33 points and 20 assists performance in a quadruple overtime win vs Kings. The Hurricanes management sees that the 22-year old point will be theier starter and don't want to have drama when Kuberka gets back which of course knowing Kuberka, it can be an issue. If Loyola develops into the type of player that the Hurricanes foresee it will be a win for them. The Hurricanes received stretch PF Stoyanov Vitas, slashing point guard Sebastian Kidd and a 2nd round pick (2023) but sources tells us that both players won't suit up as the Hurricanes is already in talks with another team for take the players off their hands. New Orleans is looking to build a solid playoff team for years to come as they have solid vets and promising young studs that can develop under the right circumstances.