Knights Trade 2025 Pick for Rowe

  • By John Comey, Day 121, 2022

KANSAS CITY - The Kansas City Knights have been attempting to make a move to bolster their roster for the last two months. Their fans have been waiting with baited breath for their big move.

Instead, they will likely have to settle for a move for the future.

The Knights traded a 2025 2nd Round pick to the Phoenix Vultures in exchange for wingman Savonte Rowe.

Rowe, a second-year defensive wing out of Old Dominion, was signed as an undrafted free agent by Phoenix before last season. He appeared in 27 games with the Vultures over two seasons, averaging just 3.8 minutes per game in that time.

This year, he averaged 1.3 points a game in 3.8 minutes.

“We love his potential,” said Knights’ Head Coach Mitchell Anderson. “We wanted to bring him in before he went to Phoenix. We’ve kept tabs on him, and when we were given the chance to get him, we felt we had to make the move.”

The logic is that Kansas City will be competitive when the 2025 pick goes live and, thus, will get better value with Rowe than with the second-rounder. For the Vultures, Rowe did not appear to factor in their plans. So, for them, picking up a draft pick for someone who cost them nothing to acquire is a bonus.

JBL Futures, a yearly guide of the game’s prospects, says that Rowe is a “raw prospect with potential for greatness”, but that right now “he is nowhere near but he has that potential that coaches dream about”.

The Tarvis McWilliams in the final year of his contract, and not expected to be brought back, the team has Xavier Yates and Grant Council at small forward. The team could move star guard Aaron Honeycutt to the spot, or sign a free agent this offseason.

Rowe’s acquisition, in the Knights’ eyes, gives them another option at the spot, one with perhaps higher upside than any current option. With the team also needing to restock at point guard, the team felt it necessary to pick up Rowe now.